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Dawne Knobbe

Dawne is an award winning author, editor, publisher and is widely recognised as a workshop facilitator and speaker in the children's writing community. Her teen adventure novel Runaway Storm won two Children’s Moonbeam book awards in 2010. She has been and active board member for SCBWI-LA for over 10 years and a guest faculty speaker at LA’s Writer’s Day. Dawne still helps coordinate the SCBWI-LA Down the Rabbit Hole annual field trips, that she created. She is also a founding member of Sandscribes and the Critiquemania and Sense and Sensibility Writers retreats. She has written for the LA times, Fairfield Source and many other publications. Dawne's passion for nature and writing inspired her to establish The Nature Kid press, a non-profit publishing company that specializes in ocean conservation books for children. Her expertise is sought after by many in the kid lit biz and her willingness to help others has seen her involved in many community based writing programs, including the Friends of the Chldren's Library Huntington Beach annual writing contest. Originally from Vancouver, Canada she now resides in Huntington Beach California when she is not traveling the globe or wandering the beach near her aloha home on the Island of Hawaii. 

Visit Dawne's website Adventures in Writing.

The Dawne and Svett  Team

Together, there is no limit to their creative collaborations, as they bounce of each other with fits of laughter and bottomless inspiration. Below is a list of their events - some of which are still being run. Simply put, their energy has a ripple effect.

  • SCBWI-LA Board members & Small events coordinators.

  • Co-cordinators and Faculty —SCBWI-LA Annual Down The Rabbit Hole Writers Field trips.

  • Critiquemania Weekend Writers Retreats (Huntington Beach Ca./Costa Mesa Ca.) 

  • Sense and Sensibility Writers Retreats (Solvang Ca.)

Your  Fearless Leaders




Svetlana Bykovec  

​Svett is an award winning author and illustrator who is passionate about traveling, teaching and gourmet cooking. As an Art Therapist and Holistic Counsellor, her specialty is in helping people discover their own inner wisdom and resources, so that they are better equipped to live happy and healthy lives. Using expressive processes, she gently guides individuals to access their innate creativity and wisdom. Born in Melbourne, Australia, she began adventuring around the globe, settling in Singapore for 2 years where she added to her culinary skills and California for 11 years, before returning to her roots in Australia. Her books (Writer/Illustrator) include See Into the Sea, and Crazy Crustaceans. Her illustrations have appeared in Kite Tales, Berry Blue Haiku and many other magazines. While hanging her hat in Southern California, Svett was an active SCBWI-LA Board member (The Society of Childrens Writers and Illustrators) for whom she created and led the annual Down The Rabbit Hole field trips and participated in planning Writers Day and Illustrator Day events. She is also a founding member of Sandscribes and a coordinator and educator for Critiquemania and Sense and Sensibility writing retreats. Svett’s creative energy and passion are contagious and inspiring to all who interact with her. 

 Visit Svett's website MoonDog Manuscripts.